“Progressives Scare Me”

And other such nonsense

Aunty Jean



I just got off the phone, and I am trying to shake off the frustration that has overcome me . My “hey, I’m just checking in to make sure you’re okay” phone call, turned into a discussion of current events and politics. And, on the other end of the line, is a person whose political views were framed by the Cold War Era.

Like so many others of her generation, she fears that the “pinko Commies” are trying to take over our democracy. It is hard to believe that in 2022, I still meet so many people who believe the Red Scare is our nation’s biggest challenge to overcome.

She tells me, that even though she is angry with the performance of both the Republicans and the Democrats, she would still never vote for a candidate outside of the two-party system. “Progressives scare me,” she says. “I wouldn’t vote for a socialist. Their ideas are too far out there.”

The idea of a $15/hr. minimum wage is scary, too far to the left? Affordable healthcare is scary? Good schools, good nutrition, and quality childcare for your grandchildren are scary? Clean air and clean water are scary? Saving the environment from total destruction is scary? Ensuring voting rights is scary?

She tells me that she is not racist, she brags about marching with MLK (somehow, I doubt this, for if all the Baby Boomers who claim they marched with MLK actually did so, we might have seen a bit more progress by now), yet, any conversation about our nation’s racist history is outside of her comfort zone. Where did all that awareness go?

Progressives don’t scare me. What scares me is that there was bipartisan support to send billions of dollars to Ukraine for weapons, while the program that provides vouchers for school lunches for the children in the US will expire on June 30th.

What scares me is that there is bipartisan support for increasing the use of fossil fuels, even though our world is burning.

What scares me is that the Supreme Court just ruled in Carson v. Makin, that the Christian schools named in the case aim to instill “a Christian worldview” in its students and are openly discriminatory against “homosexuals, individuals who are transgender, and non-Christians,must be included Maine’s state-run tuition…



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