Nobody Wants to Work Anymore! Really?

Aunty Jean
4 min readApr 24, 2022
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The news is full of stories about the Great Resignation.

I stand in line in a crowded grocery store, waiting for one of only two cashiers (although numerous self-service registers have recently been added), and hear the people around me complain, “No one wants to work anymore.” It seems this complaint usually comes from a senior citizen (BTW, I am not dissing seniors here; I am 62), who most likely has no idea what the job market is really like today.

This grocery store has signs up: “Now hiring, flexible hours, starting pay $15/hour, benefits”, so I can understand how someone who hasn’t had to look for a job in years can be very confused as to why these positions are going unfilled. Maybe the last time they were looking for work, you could actually believe what was said in the classified ad.

I have applied for many jobs recently, with no response from these so-called desperate employers. Most job openings today require that you apply online. If a help-wanted sign is posted in the establishment, that does not imply that you approach the manager. Yes, this is even true for those applying to be a cashier in retail. I have directly approached the customer service desk in places, asking about the posted job openings, only to be given an application to take home and fill out, or an email address to send my resume and cover letter to.

I have a computer at home, but I realize that many jobseekers would have to go to the public library to complete this task. If you haven’t noticed in your neighborhood, most public libraries have had their opening hours drastically cut. So, there may well be a waiting line at the public computers in the library.

I apply for jobs online, and I rarely get a response.

I am not a newbie when it comes to job applications. I know how to seek out key words and phrases, I edit my applications for spelling and grammar, and I only apply for positions where I meet the required qualifications.

Many online applications instruct you “to only apply once” (even if you are interested in several positions that are open), and “do not call or contact establishment to ask about application progress.

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