Do You Have a Wheelbarrow Ready?

Inflation on the Road to Fascism

Aunty Jean
3 min readMay 13, 2022


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How bad does it have to get before we unite? How much more do we have to lose before the silent majority finally finds their voices?

The majority of us believe in the right to have an abortion, yet we allow ourselves to be bullied by the minority. The majority of us believe in raising the minimum wage, yet we allow others to work 40+ hours a week and still not be able to afford rent.

How long can we pretend that the empty supermarket shelves are just a “temporary” thing; that the prices on groceries that are jumping by dollars every week are just going to level off somehow?

Many Germans struggled in 1920 when a loaf of bread cost the equivalent of $1.20, but others who could still afford that price simply accepted it. But “by mid-1922, it was $3.50. Just six months later, a loaf cost $700, and by the spring of 1923 it was $1,200. As of September, it cost $2 million to buy a loaf of bread. One month later, it cost $670 million, and the month after that $3 billion. Within weeks it was $100 billion, at which point the German mark completely collapsed.”

Why do so many people delude themselves into thinking that this can’t happen in the United States? The signs are all around us.

The corporations don’t care about inflation, and the corporations are in control of our government. Hyperinflation is a sign of dying capitalism. How long will Americans be passive? Until the fascists have taken over our government?

Some working people have had enough, and are forming unions again, thank God. Some of us are forming or joining co-ops. But too many of us still have that “little extra” to spend, and are continuing to feed the failing monster that our government has become.

People don’t believe that they may soon need a wheelbarrow of cash to buy a loaf of bread.

Americans who were adults during the Great Depression are dead. Their children (people in their 80’s and 90’s now), became adults after FDR’s New Deal, and therefore had better lives than their parents. And Baby Boomers became adults when the…



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