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Distraction is Blinding Us

Learning to see behind the facade

Aunty Jean
5 min readMay 19, 2022
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My husband grew up in a house with the TV on all the time, and he likes to have background noise. This is why I hear the local news on TV. I try not to listen, as there is no “news”, just propaganda. Versions of the same stories repeated day after day.

The lead story is always something like a “spectacular” house fire in some state across the country (um, it’s supposed to be the local news, right?) or some teenagers who are experiencing their 5 minutes of fame because their TikTok went viral.Also annoying is the constant giggling amongst the news anchors, or the statement “Wow, you won’t believe this” as a lead-in to a story.

Of course, there are important local stories to cover. More than a passing notice could be given to what bills are being reviewed at the State House. Rather, these useful idiots read the scripts prepared by someone else, all the while smiling at inappropriate times.

Worst of all was when Sinclair Broadcast Group forced local news anchors to read from the same script regarding “fake news.”

I continue to be amazed at how ignorant the public chooses to be about how the news is manufactured and controlled. When I brought up the above story about Sinclair in a discussion group, I was the only person upset by it. There was no concern from the others that the local news anchors were no more than puppets, speaking the words of the master behind the screen.

My discussion group did not understand that they were being told outright that all the stories would be skewed to the Sinclair viewpoints. I was attempting to get the discussion group to practice some critical thinking skills, but the response from them was that I was getting hysterical over nothing. [sigh]

Each story on the news is carefully crafted to distract us from the fact that we are being brainwashed by the corporate media. Some friendly banter between the reporters, a “feel good”…



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